PHP Training in Patiala

PHP training in Patiala

Smart Solutions Patiala provides world class PHP Training in Patiala for both Six Weeks And Six months training programs for the B.Tech, Diploma, MCA and BCA Students. Smart Solutions offers basic to advanced Php training in Patiala for B.Tech/MCA students. PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language.

PHP is considered as one of the best platform for developing web applications over the globe. We provide the expert and detailed training in all the modules of core and advanced PHP. Proper industrial training in PHP is must and a great asset for students who want to shape their career in web development. Industrial training course at smart solutions also includes proper exposure of our trainee to live projects in core as well as advanced PHP. We ensure that our trainee gets proper theoretical as well as practical knowledge in his/her training duration. Our experts work closely on all the modules and programs that we offer.

PHP industrial training, at Smart Solutions, is designed as per industrial standards. It includes all the detailed modules including:-

  • Core PHP
  • Forms validation
  • Uploading script & use of $_FILES
  • Variables and Expressions in PHP
  • Regular expression for server side validation
  • Java script for client side validation
  • PHP Functions
  • Handling Databases with PHP
  • Sessions and Cookies in PHP
  • Date and time function
  • File and Directory Access Using PHP
  • Other I/O Issues in PHP
  • Handling Email with PHP
  • Graphics in PHP
  • My SQL function
  • PHPmyadmin features and use

Smart Solutions is a PHP training institute with proven expertise in training and developing web applications as well as hands-on training to emerging PHP developers.

We offer all our courses with nominal and adequate fees.

For any query, please call us at: +91-97812-30004.